Murujuga rock art monitoring conceptual model

Murujuga rock art monitoring conceptual model
Fact sheet: Conceptual models help to explain complex systems and inform their monitoring programs.

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation in partnership with the Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation, is overseeing the Murujuga Rock Art monitoring program. The monitoring program will provide knowledge to help protect and manage this significant and important area. Our key interest in the monitoring program is to learn if human activities are causing a decline in the condition of the rock art.

Calibre is working with technical experts from Curtin University, Art Care and ChemCentre to deliver a world-leading scientifically rigorous approach to monitoring, analysis and managing the rock art.

Using what we already know about rock art on Murujuga and in other parts of the world, we have developed a set of conceptual models that

  • outlines our current understanding of the Murujuga Rock Art system
  • informs monitoring studies of the rock art
  • will inform the development of an Environmental Quality Management Framework

This brochure introduces the pressure response model, which is designed to help explain how environmental pressures can affect processes that occur on the rock surface and may lead to changes in the rock art condition.

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Fact Sheet. Source: Government of Western Australia  (Murujuga rock art monitoring conceptual model)