Murujuga Tourism Program

Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation intends to establish a new benchmark for Indigenous tourism with a Tourism Precinct at Conzinc Bay. The precinct will include the Murujuga Living Knowledge Centre, eco-accommodation and day-use facilities at Conzinc Bay. The business case for the precinct is currently being completed.

Conzinc Bay is located on the western side of the Burrup Peninsula, within Murujuga National Park. This location offers an ideal combination of natural beauty and cultural richness.

The Elders and Board of MAC believe we all have a role in protecting Murujuga and want to build a shared pride in the ancient history of Australia through the sharing of culture. The Murujuga Tourism Program will help to protect and promote the extraordinary cultural and natural values of this World Heritage-nominated area.

Stage one of the Murujuga Tourism Program involves a new Murujuga National Park access road to Conzinc Bay and two day-use areas.

Murujuga National Park Access Road and Day-Use Areas

A new, six-kilometre, two lane, sealed road, from the existing bitumen road servicing Withnell Bay to Conzinc Bay is set to make it safer and easier for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and cultural richness of Murujuga National Park. Once complete, the road, with pullovers and car parks along the alignment, will take visitors to some of the best beaches in Karratha, with two, new day-use areas providing shade, seating, barbeques, toilets, and interpretive signage.

The road and day-use area project will take approximately 18 months, with completion expected in 2026. Access to the Withnell Bay boat ramp will remain open, except for a short period while improvements to the adjacent car park are undertaken. A temporary closure of Murujuga National Park, north of Withnell Road, is expected to remain in place until the road and day-use areas are completed.

The project to build the access road and day-use areas is a collaboration between the State Government, Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation and City of Karratha. Further information about it can be found at:

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