Corporate Culture Awareness Training and Rock Art Tours

Murujuga, meaning ‘hip bone sticking out’, refers to Murujuga land and sea country including the Burrup Peninsula and the 42 islands of the Dampier Archipelago, located near the towns of Dampier and Karratha in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Aboriginal culture is integral to the work of Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation (MAC) and MAC Rangers. Our Rangers include personnel from the Murujuga Land and Sea Unit (MLSU); Rangers involved in the joint management of Murujuga National Park in partnership with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions; and Rangers working in the Murujuga Rock Art Monitoring Program.

It is important to us that all people conducting work, research or other activities on Murujuga are culturally safe. This can be achieved by participating in our Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) and Rock Art Tour (RAT).

Our cultural protocols come from our traditional Lore and are our rules for being on Murujuga, which guide us in work and everyday life. We ask that you wanyarri (listen) and help us care for ngurra (country). We invite you to do this so that you are safe, and do not come into danger while visiting and working on Murujuga.

As well as our traditional Lore, there are state and federal laws and international conventions associated with actions that affect our ngurra. We can help you to understand and uphold these. Through your respect and cooperation, we maintain our pride and dignity and you are kept safe.

The benefits of taking part in cultural awareness training are increased awareness of the importance of cultural differences and cultural landscapes, heightened cultural awareness and knowledge about protocols. It allows companies, community groups, government organisations, non-government organisations and the public to gain an understanding of the cultural and history specific to our area.

Cultural Awareness Training – $150pp + GST

Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) usually takes place at the MAC headquarters, located at 313 King Bay Road, Murujuga (Burrup Peninsula), WA 6713, but can be conducted by arrangement off-site.

Cultural safety is vital for our partners, stakeholders and for everyone who has interests and responsibilities in Murujuga. The Aboriginal people of this country are caring for country. It is a responsibility inherited from our ancestors and bequeathed to our children.

This responsibility includes keeping people safe on Murujuga. We achieve this by sharing cultural understanding. So, listen carefully and stay close as we take this journey together.

A CAT session, delivered by a MAC Ranger, lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. The session covers a variety of items including the history of Murujuga, Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation, details of the five custodial groups, Circle of Elders, Cultural Management Plan, Ranger Program, Murujuga National Park, cultural sites (Flying Foam Massacre, Standing Stones), rock art, cultural safety and song lines, Galharra skin groups, Lore ceremonies and sorry business and an opportunity to yarn with one or more of our dedicated Rangers.

Rock Art Tour – $150pp + GST

Join MAC Rangers who are Murujuga Traditional Custodians on a rock art and cultural experience at Nganjarli (previously known as Deep Gorge). The tour lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. The Rangers will explain the uses of the local plants for bush tucker (natural plant foods) and bush medicine. They will also explain how the animals and plants play an important role in daily life. See and feel the ancient artefacts and learn how the rock engravings were made. Hear Creation stories and discover why the petroglyphs are still important to contemporary Aboriginal people.

 Cultural Awareness Training and Rock Art Tour – $300pp + GST

Combine both Cultural Awareness Training and Rock Art Tour into a full learning experience for your group.

 Booking Process:

To book Cultural Awareness Training and/or Rock Art Training please follow these steps:

Please note:

  • All individuals will receive a personal certificate of completion of Cultural Awareness Training.
  • All Cultural Awareness Training expires within 12 months of completion.
  • All costs associated for these services support the MLSU Rangers to deliver free-of-charge Rock Art Tours and cultural education workshops to schools and youth groups, ensuring future generations understand the significance of Murujuga and its heritage.
  • For your Rock Art Tour, please bring a hat, enclosed shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and water.

Important things to remember:

If planning to visit or work on Murujuga, please take time to understand our cultural safety protocols first. Some general rules for cultural safety on Murujuga are listed below – other protocols are dependent on the commercial, research or other activities undertaken.  Please ask our Rangers or contact MAC to find out more or if you have any questions before visiting Murujuga.

  • DO NOT remove anything from country, including stones, shells, artefacts or any other items, as this brings bad luck, sickness or tragedy.
  • DO NOT climb onto rocks or pass into sacred areas.
  • DO NOT photograph or share images of rock art depicting faces or humanoid figures.
  • RESPECT our protocols about gender specific sites (women or men-only places).
  • DO NOT destroy Aboriginal sites. It is illegal and penalties apply including fines and imprisonment.
  • DO NOT conduct earthworks without the express permission from Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation and the Murujuga Circle of Elders.

 Further information on cultural safety can be found in the publication: Murujuga Cultural Management Plan: Ngaayintharri Gumawarni Ngurrangga, available from Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation.

If you are a school or TAFE requiring a booking for a Rock Art Tour and/or Cultural Awareness Training for your staff and/or pupils, please email and for further information.


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